Pagers, Pilots, and Prairie Dog: Recent Work with Mobile Devices at Lotus Research Paper / Publication

Author(s): Kamal Ayad, Mark Day, Steve Foley, Dan Gruen, Steve Rohall, Quinton Zondervan

In addition to being the leading groupware product in conventional office settings, Lotus Notes and Domino [Lotus 98a] are widely popular as an infrastructure for mobile computing based on laptops. Lotus Research is a small interdisciplinary team focused on computer-supported cooperative work, grounded in observation of work settings. Accordingly, it has been natural for Lotus Research to pursue two directions: first, to extend Notes data and functionality onto new, smaller, mobile computers; and second, to consider new collaboration possibilities of those computers without reference to Notes. Some of these investigations have already been incorporated into products: Lotus EasySync [Lotus 98b] allows synchronization between certain Notes databases and the 3Com Pilot (or IBM WorkPad) [3Com 98], and includes a mail conduit originally built as a research project. In this paper, we describe two other examples of our recent investigations. The first extends Notes email to 2-way pagers and integrates that delivery with presence information from our experimental colleague awareness tool, Prairie Dog. The second describes our work on using 3Com Palm IIIs or IBM WorkPads for passing notes among colleagues in a conference room setting.

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