Supporting Group Collaboration with IPAD:s - Inter-Personal Awareness Devices Paper / Publication

Author(s): Lars Erik Holmquist

This paper introduces the concept of Inter-Personal Awareness Devices, or IPAD:s. An IPAD is an IT device designed to support awareness and collaboration between people when they are in the same physical location. The IPAD is a handheld or wearable device that supplies constant awareness information without relying on any underlying infrastructure. We have constructed one such device, the Hummingbird, which gives members of a group continuous aural and visual indications of when other group members are in the vicinity. We have performed several user test, which indicate that IPAD:s such as the Hummingbird can support collaboration and awareness between group members, and that they can complement other forms of communication such as phone and e-mail. We argue that the IPAD concept can serve as a useful starting point for discussions about handheld CSCW.

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