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International Symposium on Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems (PDSE-2000) Call for Paper

Many software applications require the use of explicit concurrent programming techniques in order to meet their specification. Concurrency and distribution are needed to exploit the processing power of multiprocessor systems in order to achieve high performance, to provide fault-tolerance and reliability in safety-critical and real-time systems, and to deal with physically distributed computing resources. Some application areas include distributed information systems, client/server systems, multimedia systems, CSCW, high-performance computing, simulation, real-time and process control systems, embedded systems, manufacturing systems.

Managing parallelism and distribution for applications in the above areas is a complex activity, demanding for adequate engineering methodologies and proper support tools.

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04.02.2000  Paper submission
  04.03.2000  Notification
  10.06.2000  Symposium, June 10-11