Context Awareness and Situated Computing Call for Paper
Keywords: Context Awareness and Situated Computing

Recent improvements in sensing technology and mobile computing provide opportunities to use information about the environment in human computer interaction (HCI). In order to do this, we need to understand how to capture, assimilate and render useful, information about the situation of use as well as the surrounding environment in human computer interaction. Two workshops at CHI2000 will be investigate these issues: - The What, Who, Where, When, Why and How of Context-Awareness - Situated Interaction in Ubiquitous Computing Context-awareness describes the ability of a computing device or program to sense, react to, or adapt to the environment in which it is running. Situated interaction is especially attractive for mobile devices that are used while on the move, such as PDAs and smart mobile phones. The main goal of this workshop will be to develop an understanding of how the situation of use (the context) influences the interaction process. The deadline for submission of extended abstracts and position papers to both workshops is 28th January 2000, with the workshops being held at CHI2000 on 3rd April 2000 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Further information on the workshops and CHI2000 is available on the following web sites: Context-awareness: Situated interaction: CHI2000: We plan to publish a proceedings of both workshops in the form of short papers as a special issue of the journal Personal Technologies. The Personal Technologies web site is at:

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