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26th Euromicro Conference Digital Systems Design Symposium DSD 2000 Call for Paper
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= SECOND AND LAST CALL FOR PAPERS = =================================== The symposium on Digital Systems Design addresses both architectures and implementations of (embedded) digital systems as well as efficient design methods and tools. It is a discussion forum of the state-of-the-art research, development and applications for the research community working on computer system architecture, microprocessor architecture and design, logic design, application specific integrated processors, systems on a chip, hardware/software codesign, and design automation. TOPICS OF INTEREST include but are not limited to: ==================================================== * CPU and memory architectures: arithmetic and logic units, co-processors, pipelining, superscalarity, cache, MMU. * Special architectures: DSP, ASIPs, graphic and image processors, custom computing machines, processing arrays and FPGAs, reconfigurable structures. * Specification and modeling: (hardware/software) system specification and modeling, system and hardware description languages, component modeling. * Validation: simulation, emulation, prototyping and testing at the system, RT and logic level, multilevel- and co-simulation, formal verification. * Synthesis: system on chip design; system, hardware-software, high-level, RT-level and logic synthesis, intellectual property and design reuse; synthesis for low-power, speed and testability; system, hardware/software and logic partitioning.

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28.02.2000  Deadline for Submission
  02.05.2000  Notification of Acceptance
  15.06.2000  Deadline for final Version
  05.09.2000  Conference 5.9.2000-7.9.2000