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First Conference on Distributed Objects in Computational Science Held in Conjunction with the PDPTA Series of Conferences Conference
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Overview The First Conference on Parallel and Distributed Objects in Computational Science will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from June 26-29, 2000. This new conference will be held concurrently with PDPTA 2000 (Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques, andApplications) series of conferences, which includes PDPTA, CISST, and IC-AI. PDPTA '99 was a very successful conference, which featured research contributions from 44 countries--a total of 750 participants from all over the world, a truly international representation. For more information about PDPTA 2000 and other conferences planned to be held simultaneously, contact Hamid R. Arabnia at Submissions You are invited to submit a draft paper of about 4-6 pages and/or a proposal to organize a technical session (guidelines for technical sessions appear below). All submitted papers must be provided in one of the following formats: four copies sent to the conference chair by postal mail PostScript or PDF HTML We strongly encourage you to submit PostScript, PDF, or HTML, which will greatly facilitate the review process and ensure the fastest turnaround time. Please note that the final paper format must conform to a conference-provided format, which will be available on the web shortly. Templates will be provided for LaTeX and Windows. Please mail or e-mail your submission to the conference chair at the address mentioned below. Scope This conference is interested in all aspects of object oriented computing and their applications to computer science, computational science, and engineering. The following represents an initial list of topics for which we are soliciting papers and technical session organizers: Applications of The Java Platform and Jini Applications of Other Object Oriented Languages (e.g. C++ and Python) Expanded Architectural Support for OOL Compilation Techniques Performance Modelling and Benchmarking Applications of Distributed Object Frameworks: CORBA, RMI, and DCOM CORBA Vertical Services to Support Scientific Computing Message Passing Environments (e.g. MPI, PVM, and derived systems) Scientific Computing Libraries Visualization Tools and Libraries OO and I/O Object Oriented Databases Innovative Programming Environments

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06.03.2000  draft papers due
  03.04.2000  notification of acceptance
  01.05.2000  final manuscript due
  26.06.2000  Conference in Las Vegas, USA 26 June 2000 - 29 June 2000