The 1998 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work Conference
Keywords: cscw groupware awareness new interaction paradigms

Emerging technologies are profoundly changing how people, organizations, and societies interact. The Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Conference is the premier international conference for research and development achievements in design, introduction, and use of these technologies.

Prominent researchers at the MIT Media Lab, Andersen Consulting, Xerox PARC, Fujitsu Labs, Carnegie Mellon, IBM Watson, AT&T Labs, Sun, Lucent, and other universities, companies, and government labs from around the world will present at this highly selective conference.

Topics include infrastructures for collaboration, organizational culture, shared visual spaces, asynchronous communication, groupware primitives, awareness, sustaining relationships online, social filtering, web-based customer service, mobile computing, and new interaction paradigms. As we move beyond the initial exploration of new technologies and practices, understanding research results is critical.

Taking place in: Seattle, Washington USA

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14.11.1998  Conference until 18.11.98

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