Center for Human-Computer Communication Research Lab

The Center for Human-Computer Communication is a recently formed research center at OGI within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It is a multidisciplinary group, including computer scientists, psychologists, and linguists. The group is dedicated to advancing the science and technology of human-computer and human-human communication through a program of basic research, graduate education, technology development and technology transfer. Research support comes from DARPA, NSF, MITI, NASA, ONR, the State of Oregon, and a variety of computer and telecommunications companies. A new usability and intelligent systems laboratory includes PCs, PowerMacs, Sun sparcstations, SGIs, PDAs and other portable devices, as well as state-of-the-art video recording and production equipment.

Address:  Center for Human-Computer Communication
Oregon Graduate Institute
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Portland, OR 97291-1000
Fax: ++1 (503) 690-1548

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