Special Session on Collaboration in Multimedia Networked Applications and GroupWare Call for Paper
Keywords: multimedia networked applications groupware

Overview The Euromicro workshop is a forum for interdisciplinary research and practice in computer systems, interfaces, architectures and applications. As part of the year 2000 conference in the Netherlands there will be a special session looking at . This session is organised as part of the Workshop on Multimedia and Telecommunication. Background The purpose of this session is to bring together researchers, and practitioners working on cooperation, coordination and communication in Multimedia Networked Applications and GroupWare. The session serves as a forum enabling experience exchange between academia and industry as well as between researchers working in the different multimedia and groupware research branches. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: + Formal and semi-formal methods for groupware and multimedia applications modeling and analysis + architecture of groupware and multimedia applications + object oriented design and implementation of cooperation and coordination protocols + coordination models and applications for CSCW using multimedia applications + group membership protocols + applications in Java and CORBA

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