Handheld CSCW Paper / Publication
Keywords: Handheld Computing, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Co-Located Cooperation, Environment-Mediated Collaboration

Author(s): Albrecht Schmidt, Markus Lauff and Michael Beigl

In this paper we explore and demonstrate possible contribution of handheld computing in the field of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW). Based on a survey of the CSCW- conference series we discovered that most research is concentrated on support of distributed col- laboration. Based on a definition for handheld computing and an extensive description of new op- tions provided by handheld devices we suggest new application domains in CSCW. In the second part we discuss two of these domains, namely the support for co-located cooperating humans and for environment-mediated collaborative work, in more depth. In the first context we present a heterogeneous infrared communication application for meeting support. In the second we present a framework and experiments that concentrate on the question how location can be ex- ploited for CSCW.

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