Workshop on Handheld CSCW Conference
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The Handheld CSCW workshop at CSCW98 aims to investigate the application of handheld and wearable computers to support of collaborative work. To this end active participation is sought both from the collaborative work research community and handheld computing related research areas such as ubiquitous computing, wearable computing, personal digital assistants, and mobile computing. Specific objectives are to analyse handheld CSCW systems and applications, to review handheld technologies with respect to their application in CSCW, and to inform handheld computing development from analysis of collaborative work. More general goals are to promote an awareness of handheld computing in the CSCW community, to stimulate a shift from single-user to multi-user application of handhelds and wearables, and to foster a community for handheld CSCW research.

Taking place in: Seattle USA

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  14.11.1998  Workshop day

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